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The Faculty of Science, Technology and Built Environments at Deakin University is hosting a technology innovation challenge in 2018. The competition will be conducted in two streams. Stream 1 will be for student groups enrolled in a tertiary education institution in Sri Lanka and stream 2 is for student groups enrolled in a secondary school in Sri Lanka.

Information on how to enter forms part of these Terms and Conditions. By entering, entrants agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and entries must comply with these Terms and Conditions to be valid


1. The project must address a realistic and preferably a local issue (agriculture, transportation, human machine interface, etc.).

2. Each project team must consist of five students currently enrolled at a Sri Lankan secondary school or in an undergraduate program at a Sri Lankan tertiary educational institution. Each team’s members must be enrolled at the same school or institution.

3. Each team must be supported by an advisor from the school or institution (an academic employed by the school or institution).

4. The material cost of the hardware cannot exceed $AUD300.

5. The design can involve an integration of mechanical, electronic, and application software, possibly implemented in an Internet of Things (IoT) setting.

6. The final submission must clearly express the contributions made by each member of the group, with written verification provided by the associated staff advisor.

7. Each school or institution may submit a maximum of 15 Expressions of Interest (EoI) for consideration.Only the first 15 EOI received by Deakin University from each school or institution will be considered for short-listing to proceed in the competition.

8. Short-listed projects will be presented at a project showcase event at which projects must exhibit the project’s functionality, effectiveness, and potential impact on the contribution of each member to the project.​


9. Three expert panel members from Deakin University will be assessing the entries for the awards in the final submission.

10. The projects and presentation will be assessed:

  •           Relevance to and impact on the society/community

  •          Technological mastery

  •          Presentation and communication skills (The verbal presentations are pre-recorded and part of the final submission).